We’re super happy with the designs for our newly ordered uniform! thank you InfiniteTee. they look great. They’re a nice little company based here in Wales in a quaint town called Llangollen.

They do all kinds of crazy, cool and sentimental designs on there website. If you can think of it, you can almost certainly bet that they’ve got it. With summer just around the corner there’s really no better time to start thinking about them fresh new tshirts to impress all your friends with.

They don’t just make tshirts, they make babygrows, sweaters, hats and even bags. they’ve also got dog tshirts in the making as well! Not only will you look like the cool kid on the block but so will your dog.

Here’s a little sneak peek of our new uniform 🙂



Pretty cool isn’t it! They’re super comfy and durable, they feel soft and the design work for our logo is amazing. I’m personally very impressed, especially with the speed of the deliver which only took one day to arrive with  over fifteen tshirts ordered to arrive that quickly is simply superb.



  • Along with our new uniform, We’ve also upgraded all of our equipment, computer blocks, moniters, chairs, the whole lot so we can run more efficiently. A very well needed improvment indeed.
  • We have more staff, a bigger office which is now based in Wrexham, easier to reach and a great place to create our new headquarters.
  • We’ve got a great exciting new project we’re working on so keep your eyes peeled, We’ll be announcing it very soon.